Do You Want to Play for Seacoast United North Shore?

Seacoast United North Shore is based in Amesbury, MA and offers opportunities for players of all ability levels. The Club works very hard to provide opportunities for any player that wants to be involved.  Our teams play in a range of leagues throughout the Northeast.  For the 2018/19 season the top teams, US Development Academy/Pre-Academy (boys) and Elite teams (girls) will play against the top clubs within the region from as far away as New York and New Jersey.  Our second and third level teams, Premier and Select teams, compete in the New England Premiership and are placed in appropriate divisions to ensure quality competition.  The focus of the Club is player development and the success of our teams comes as a byproduct of this philosophy.

Seacoast United conducts open tryouts for all teams, except for the US Soccer Development Academy Program (invitational process only).  The links to the right will provide all information about places and times for tryouts.

Parents and players who are new to the area and interested in joining a team should contact Carl Smith at