Seacoast United Kings was founded on a philosophy of focusing on competitive, individual attention to each player, while encompassing a team concept all in a fun environment.  The goal for Seacoast United Kings is not to be bigger, but to be better.  Our founders and coaches have played for the biggest clubs in the United States and feel that there is a better approach to teaching/coaching children, providing more value to parents, being competitive yet create personal connections all while having fun.

Playing Style

The Seacoast United Boston's playing style is in a word “beautiful.” Seacoast United Boston is a believer in the possession style of play that is commonly associated with FC Barcelona, the Spanish National Team, and Johan Cruyff as well as “Total Football” the system of play created by Dutch Trainer and Former Ajax and Netherlands Head Coach Rinus Michels.  Seacoast United Boston teams regularly out-possess their opponent with a quick short passing and moving game.  In order for the opposition to respect our passing game, all eleven players on the field have the technical skill to attack open space and beat opponents 1v1.  Our players’ technical skills are developed using the Wiel Coerver Method as well as influences from Spain, Brazil, and France.

Seacoast United Boston do not employ the “Kick and run” or “Kick ball” style that is so often seen at the club level.  Unfortunately, those styles of play can be successful in the younger age groups however it is simply awful for player development.  Seacoast United Boston play every game to develop players and we believe that our philosophy delivers results.