Club FAQ

Below is a list of common questions raised by families who are looking for more information on the Seacoast United Boston club teams and programs.

Why Club?
Why Seacoast United Kings?
What is the cost to participate?
When and where are practices?  How often?
When and where are games played?
What league does Seacoast United Kings play in?
Do you offer goalkeeper training?
What are the roster sizes?
Is there equal playing time?
Can I still play for my town team?
Do you offer financial aid?


Why Club?

Club soccer provides better competition than the traditional town programs.  A club is not tied to any specific town so it allows programs to select any player they would like.

Club practices are much more challenging than most players are accustomed.  Club level players learn both the technical and tactical side of the game.

To become a club coach one must be licensed.  The licensing courses are rigorous and necessary to provide proper soccer education.

Friendships are also forged through club soccer.  Most clubs have players from a number of towns and players meet new friends through their love of soccer.

In order for a player to be involved in a legitimate collegiate recruiting process they must take part in club soccer.  Most college coaches will not even recruit a player who hasn’t participated in club soccer.  Furthermore, as the players get older there are numerous “college showcase” tournaments that are essential for the college recruiting process.

Why Seacoast United Boston ?

Seacoast United Boston is very aware of the responsibility a club team has in the development of each player.  We take personal pride in every one of our players when they reach their goals (whether its 4 juggles today instead of 3 last week, or scoring a left footed goal!)

All of our coaches are minimum Massachusetts Youth Soccer E License certified.  Many coaches also hold NSCAA licenses such as the Regional Diploma, and the Goalkeeping Diploma.  We have put in the time to learn how to coach rather than relying on our playing abilities.  We are constantly attending seminars and reading new material to expand our knowledge.  Seacoast United Boston coaches are dedicated to our craft and providing your child with the best experience possible.  Seacoast United Boston employs multiple full time staff that runs the day to day operations of the club. Coaching and spreading the game of soccer is our passion, this is not a hobby. We are committed to excellence.

Seacoast United Boston is also a true believer in the importance of a strong coach to player ratio.  For each of our teams we have at least two coaches as well as coaches who float between teams.  Don’t be surprised to see three or four coaches on the bench.

Seacoast United Boston also has connections in other soccer facets such as the collegiate and professional level.  All of our coaches either played or are currently playing at the collegiate level.  

What is the cost to participate for Seacoast United Kings?

The cost of participation depends on the team that your child is selected for.  Please email Ronaldo Vieira at for more details.

When and where are practices? How often?

During the Fall and Spring seasons practices are on week day afternoons/evenings at Suburban Athletic Club in Framingham.  All practices take place on either the indoor or outdoor turf field.  Our U10-U12 teams train two times per week and our U13 and older teams train three times per week in the fall and twice per week in the spring.

During the winter months we practice futsal on weekday evenings at Suburban Athletic Club in Framingham. Practices will take place in the basketball/futsal gym.  There is one training session per week during the winter.

The last four weeks of the winter season we move our training sessions to Sunday afternoon/evenings on the indoor turf field.

When and where are games played?

All home games are located in Framingham at the beautiful Merchant Road Field complex.  Away games can be anywhere within New England however most away games are on average 30-90 minutes away.

What league does KINGS FC play in?

Seacoast United Boston plays in the New England Premiership or more commonly known as the NEP.

Do you offer Goalkeeper training?

Seacoast United Boston Goalkeeping Program.  Seacoast United Kings offers weekly goal keeper training to the entire clubs goalkeepers.

What are the roster sizes?

For 2016/17, roster sizes will increase to 16 players for the 9v9 format, and 12-14 players at the 7v7 format.

For U12+ 11v11 the roster size is 18 players.

Is there equal playing time?

Equal playing time is not guaranteed.  However, each player is given the proper amount of playing time for them to develop and have an impact on the game.

Can I still play for my town teams?

Yes, Seacoast United Boston encourages as many touches on the ball as possible.  However, town soccer should not take priority over Seacoast United Kings events.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, all financial aid questions should be directed to Ronaldo Vieira at