Amesbury Youth Winter Skills Clinics 2017/2018

Elementary & Middle School Skills
These skills classes will teach the importance of the basics of field hockey and introduce more advanced skills in the game of field hockey.  The field players taught in separate groups according to their grade level. 

During the skills class each practice will introduce a new fundamental skill.  Then, these skills will be reinforced through demonstration, repetition and drill progression.  The practices will also incorporate ball control, elimination skills, small-sided games and game tactics in scrimmaging situations.  

Advanced High School & Goalkeeper Skills
These classes will teach and review the more advanced field player skills in the game of field hockey.  Field players will focus on high level dribblig, position, ball control, deceptive elimination skills, 3D skill work, hitting, shot variation, sweeping, and backhand skills.  The Advanced High School Skills clas structure will be a progression throughout the 7-week program.

For Goalkeepers, this program will teach and review the multiple areas that are important in being a technically and tactically sound goalkeeper.  These areas of goalkeeping are as follows:

  • Dynamic and quick footwork
  • Body position
  • Basic use such as kicking and clears
  • Proper use of angles
  • Tackles
  • Stacks
  • Defending various shots including aerials

​This program is very unique due to the fact that the first portion of the clinic is dedicated to goalkeeper instruction, technical and tactical work, while the 2nd portion involves field players.  These field players allow the goalkeepers to put their technical and tactical skill work in motion and at game speed.

Skills classes will meet once per week at the indoor turf in the Seacoast United Admirals Indoor Facility, 16 South Hunt Rd., Amesbury MA. 


Registration will go live once the schedule is announced.

The first night of the program is FREE for any beginner field hockey player.  If they enjoy the first night of the program, they can then pay for the remaining nights of the program on the 2nd week of class!

**Sticks available to all beginner field hockey players.**

Questions?  Please contact Leah Boody-Simpson at 978-517-7165 or by email at, or Christine Zubkus at