Admirals Weekend Recap: September 10th - 11th

Here is the full weekend recap for the Seacoast United Admirals teams. You will find game details, as well as, special mentions for the Admirals coaching staff! 


9.10.16 - 9.11.16

BOYS [Recap from Coach Carl] 

The U10 Boys played 2 very competitive games in their first Jamboree of the season. They have already come a long way since they started their first training session a few weeks ago. The boys are retaining all the information coach Bo has been teaching them and they are doing a terrific job of trying to replicate it out on the field. They are starting to build the ball from the back and are working on retaining possession for longer periods of time.

The U11 Boys lost out in a hard fought battle where they ended up losing 2-1. The boys have been working hard on one on one defending this past week and managed to make some great challenges when they found themselves in this giving situation on the field. They will be working on attacking movement this week in the hope to generate more goals when attacking.

The U12 boys select have been working very hard in training these past few weeks with coach Jeremy. They too have been working on defensive structure, whilst they leaked a few goals they have learnt from their mistakes and will fix the problem for the next game. They will continue to work on the defensive shape in order to frustrate teams in future matchups.

The U12 premier started slow in their game and found themselves down at the half. After regrouping and talking through the problems that needed fixing at half time they managed to tie the second half of the game. They will be working on decision making skills throughout the week as they did give possession our too easily throughout the game. The boys will however bounce back and learn from their mistakes.

The U14 Boys lost out in a hard fought 2-1 battle. Both teams were equal throughout the game. The boys did create more chances in the second half but were unable to finish. They will be working on attacking movement throughout the week in order to work on capitalizing on any future chances on goal they have.

Another 2-1 loss, this time for the U15 Boys. They battled very hard but 2 mistakes led to 2 goals been given away. They fought until the bitter end and showed great character. They will continue to work with Coach Andy on regaining their shape both on offense and defense.

GIRLS [Recap from Coach Andy] 

Girls 2003 – The season got off to a great start with a very well deserved 6-0 victory. The hard work that coach Owen and the girls had been putting in during pre-season carried over into this very good team performance. Now doubt in the coming weeks the girls will face greater challenges, but they put in a disciplined performance which they can be proud of.

 Girls 2004 – No game for the girls this past weekend, but they head into their season opener next weekend on the back of a very well deserved Labor Day Tournament victory.

 Girls 2005 – The girls gave a very good account of themselves in this season opener against a physical opposition. Despite finishing the game 0-3, this was not a true reflection on how the game played out. There were a great deal of positives which Coach James was able to highlight and take from the game as well as a lot of development opportunities which they will no doubt work on and improve on in the coming weeks.